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Koonaburra Station

11408 The Wool Track, New South Wales

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45354 ha


Koonaburra Station was granted a standalone lease after being split out of the then larger leasehold of Keewong on 24th April 1907. The property comprises a total area of 45,534 hectares (Approx 112,470 acres) after a smaller portion know as Kiama was subdivided from its eastern boundary.
Koonaburra still features some of the original buildings constructed on the property including the shearing shed with its native pine skeleton and patchwork corrugated skin. Thought to date back into the 1800’s has been preserved by the current Hughes family who plans to expand the sides to further preserve the structure, last used in 2004. The shed is located on the of Koonaburra’s largest lake and central to the station with adjoining original shearers quarters.
The homestead, which was constructed in the early 1930’s has been extended and renovated by the current owners with the residence constructed in a federation style consistent with the early owners of the property who were a South Australian pastoral family. The residence has been improved with polished timber floors, new kitchen electrical, plumbing and air conditioning with the balance of the original residence retained including locally sawn and planed cypress pine, high ceilings open fireplaces and sweeping verandahs.
Outbuildings provide for an old harness and buggy shed along with men’s cottage offering 2 bedrooms which is currently under construction and many other relics of yesteryear.
The timbers on the property are reflective of the diverse soils and their mineral content with large areas of Yarran flats supporting stands of Pine, Kurrajong, Emu bush, Oak, Rosewood, Wild plum and Leopard wood widely renoqn for growing on fertile soils which would be well suited to cropping pursuits. Fortunately the property is benefitted by a vegetation plan permitted clearing. The property also features perennial grasses and small saltbush, annuals, winter herbages, hop bush and mulga for the dry times.
Soil types vary from loams, heavy red clays, grey soils (slight and heavy), self mulching flats and a huge number of water depressions known as “crabholes” or “melon holes” which will grow feed for extended periods. As a result of the diverse soil types feed comes on at different times which provides for fed availability throughout the year and seasons. Natural deposits of bentonite and gypsum are scattered throughout the property which has run merino sheep for the most part since the early 1800’s.
Since purchasing the property in 2006 the Hughes family have introduced Dorper meat sheep culminating in a large scale organic export enterprise trading as Red Earth Organics servicing the Asian market. In addition the property has run up to 3,000 cattle seasonally while in recent years the property has been well known for it’s native population of goats with many of the water tanks trapped.
A mixture of 6 and 7 line mesh fencing in conjunction with 5 plain wire and a single barb enable the property to be easily managed save for one small section of the original fence. The owner is currently installing extensive firebreaks for a proposed 2020 burning program which will provide for B double access across the entire holding.

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