Pre-Sales Advice

Pre-Sales Advice

Advice and assistance are just as important for sellers as they are for buyers.

Selling your property isn’t as simple as listing it on the market and hoping for the best. There are many other aspects to consider along the way if you want to get the best price for your property, find a seller quickly, and have an overall positive experience from the beginning of the process to the end. Once again, Border Real Estate is here for you, aiming to offer the highest levels of pre sales advice and assistance to sellers who are considering parting with their properties in the Echuca and Momoa area.

David Leeds can provide world class pre sales assistance

Starting off with an in-depth appraisal of your property. He can help you understand the latest market trends and patterns, determining the real value of your property and helping you get the best price. He can also offer advice and recommendations regarding the right time to place your property on the market and how to go about it. When you’re ready to sell, Border Real Estate will continue to work by your side, answering questions and offering assistance all the way.

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